Fido and Me Fitness

Get fit with your dog! A fun and effective way to give our pets the exercise that is so important to their physical and emotional well being. It’s not bad for us either! Our goal is to offer your pet a really wonderful outdoor workout, while developing better socialization skills and making new friends.

Some of our clients use this type of exercise to help deter unwanted behaviors, others need to lose weight, and the rest just want to have fun. Whether you come for the miles of wide open spaces, the intriguing wildlife and such to chase, or to get to a healthier weight, whatever the reason you bring your pet, they’ll be happy to be here!

Our goal with this program is for you and your pet to spend some entertaining time together while getting fit. It’s an enjoyable way to break up your regular fitness routine and manage your dog’s energy at the same time. A pet who’s allowed to exercise freely is much less likely to engage in
destructive or annoying behavior. We’re happy to help socialize shy pets, as well as aid in enabling your pet to be off leash during our walks.