Obedience Training

Providing obedience training and overnight care for family pets since 1994. We’re located just past beautiful Temecula Wine Country. Our dog park atmosphere is a great place for your pets’ boarding, daycare, training or weight loss needs. All guests get plenty of love as well as play time, quiet time and space. We treat each dog as the unique individual we all know they are.

Our training philosophy is to take a slower approach with an emphasis on repetition, positive re-enforcement and to set our students up for success. Most pets learn best with many short sessions, with play time and rest in between training. Some of the younger pets may need enforced nap times. This keeps them fresh, alert, relaxed and enjoying the process.

Puppy boot camp is a complete program geared toward younger pets. Including good, basic obedience, household manners, work under distractions and socialization. Camp is fun, highly effective, and 100% guaranteed. Follow-up sessions are included at no charge, as well as free refresher training any time you board your pet. Customizing our training to your pet, we try to simulate as much of their home life as possible. The house manner portion of their training focuses on excessively enthusiastic guest greeting, furniture claiming, door dashing, counter surfing, and specific behaviors you want corrected. Cost for Puppy boot camp is $1,500 for guests under 6 months, and $2,000 for guests 6 months to a year.  Each puppy is an individual and will learn at their own rate, most have completed their training in two to three weeks.  At that time, we request that ALL family members come out to pick up your puppy.  This gives us the opportunity to work with everyone individually, and show you how to help the younger family members maintain their new manners.

Private sessions focusing on exactly what your specific pet needs are $100. Bring two of your pets, or a friend and their pet for no extra charge, it’s more fun anyway.

We offer mini training camps for $125 per day for pets under six months and $150 per day for pets six to nine months of age.  Mini camps include boarding and training your pets here at the ranch as well as in town under distractions of kids, dogs, food being served, kids chasing balls, shopping cart whatever we run into.  Obedience will be address including, but not limited to jumping, mouthing, leash pulling, door dashing, heel, sit, down and stay.  House manners are a big part of their training and include furniture manners, counter surfing, garbage diving, resource stealing and appropriate guest greeting.  It’s a great jump start, and when you come out to pick them up, we work with you to maintain and continue their training on your own.  You will see a marked improvement.

Full training camps, Individual Sessions, Adults and puppies, Healthy weight loss for dogs, no starving or gimmicks.

The length of the board and train average two and a half weeks, but depends upon the individual, as well as the weather.  Business owners frown on me bringing wet pets in.

Cost of the board and train program is $1750 for under six month old puppy, $2250 for six to nine month old dogs.


Call if you have any questions! THANK YOU!